Music Ministry

 Why music is important in the church? How vital it is in worship?

Music is an essential part of worship in church today and a great part of many lives. Like Longfellow said, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” It is one way of expressing our thoughts, gratitude, praise and love to our God. Primarily, church music prepares the heart of the people in listening to God’s Word. Imagine your service without music.

BBBC Choir is one of the music ministries of our church. They are singing in the morning and afternoon Sunday Worship Service. They practice every Saturday at 3:00 pm, every Sunday afternoon at 5:00 pm after the service and their final rehearsal is before each service starts. The choir is preparing two special performances every year, the Easter and Christmas Cantata. It is being directed by Ptr. Abel Manalo with the help of our Music Committees, Bro. Ej Calderon who is training our youth group in singing, and Sis. Rachel Oliveros.

The old folks of our church also have their own group which is called “The BBBC Seniors Choir”. They sing a couple of special music every month. All different groups are eager to sing for the glory of God!

The young people of our church are so talented and they are willing to use their talents for the glory of God. They play piano, flute, violin, guitar and organ in the church.  




Music is one of life’s blessings. Musical worship is important for today’s churches, as it uses and shares God-given talents for praise, and for the spiritual health of the worshippers.